Motivational Music - What Gets You Going?

If you’ve ever found yourself smiling because you hear a song you like, or if you’ve belted out a really powerful tune while you’re in the shower, then you’ll know that some tunes have the ability to have a profound impact on your mood. The same can be said about the ability of some songs to motivate you. This helps to explain why it’s so much nicer to do your housecleaning with some upbeat songs playing in the background than it would be if you were to dust, scrub, and vacuum in silence.


Neuroscience have been researching these influences and have found that music actually does impact the way that our brains react to circumstances. They are examining the way that music affects us from a neuro-responsive level. For example, research conducted at the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University has shown that there is a direct connection between the nervous system and music. According to one of the researchers there, Dr. Nina Kraus, “The physical characteristics of the sound wave are reflective in the brain wave.”


In May 2013, a study was published by Dr. Kraus and Adam Tiemey, which provided evidence of a powerful connection between the beat of music and reactions within the brainstem. This is only the scientific side of a knowledge that humanity has held for millennia. Men and women worldwide have naturally found that motivational music can help to keep people going even through the toughest and most tedious tasks.


In fact, there are songs that survive to this day that are hundreds of years old and that were sung by slaves, laborers and others with long and difficult tasks that must have felt as though they were never ending. Sailors, builders, minors, and other hard workers all have their own songs that to help to pass the time, keep up a steady beat, and not lose motivation. There were songs sung by women who stitched and quilted to keep themselves from becoming bored during this repetitive task.


This knowledge that has been held by our ancestors – many times over – and that is only now being explained on a scientific side shows that choosing the right motivational music can help us to get through a task or a hard day, no matter what it might involve. A fast beat for a workout, or a soothing song to help to keep focus with a job that takes a lot of concentration can help to keep us in the right mindset to get things done without feeling overly bored, frustrated, or distracted.



In addition to being a great way to boost your mood, music could also help entice you to move. Check out what researchers have learned about the effects of music on your mood, and why it has the ability to motivate you to be more active.   People Move More When They Listen to Music   Researchers have found that, even while they are spending time at home, people tend to be more active when they are listening to music versus when they are in silence. They noticed that people who listened to music took more steps. In fact, the number of steps taken went up by around 2%. Also, as a result of the increased activity level, the number of calories that the people burned also went up by around 3%. Impressive, right? So it is no wonder that so many people don headphones with their favorite playlists while…
The best way to get in shape and lose weight is by combining a variety of cardio routines with strength training exercises. But if you want to really go strong during all of these exercises, check out the best fight songs below to really bring out your fighting spirit.   “Bodies” by Drowning Pool: This is an aggressive rock/metal song that has been popular for many years. It is sure to bring out your strength and your endurance even during the toughest workout routines.   “White Knuckles” by Five Finger Death Punch: Another aggressive rock song, this one is sure to help you get your blood pumping, whether you are doing cardio or strength training.   “Riot” by Three Days Grace: This fun track by Three Days Grace is not as aggressive as other rock songs, but it has a fantastic tempo that will help you get moving, and it…
As you put together your playlist for your workout sessions, include the most motivating fitness songs of all time:       1. “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor:   It should come as no surprise that “Eye of the Tiger,” which is one of the most popular songs of all time and one of the most beloved songs for getting fit or overcoming any challenge in life, has made the top of this list.        2. “Life in Color” by OneRepublic:   This is a super fun song that was released recently by one of the most popular musical acts of the 21st century. Check out this song when you want to get your mood elevated so you can really take in the experience of making your body stronger.       3. “We Are the Champions” by Queen:   This is yet another of the most…
Working out requires a lot of patience, determination, and motivation. After a few weeks, it’s easier to lose the motivation. You no longer have the patience to wait for your transformation. You are not determined to hit the gym. If you have felt any of this, you are not alone. There are many people who suffer from the same dilemma as you do. It is, in fact, quite normal to feel all this because weight loss is challenging or else everyone would have been fit with a great muscular physique. Workout motivation, however, is not that hard to achieve. With simple adjustments to your routine, you can stay motivated to continue your fitness regime.
When you aren’t feeling motivated to work or exercise, the right music can give you a surge of energy that will get you moving in no time. So if you find yourself feeling particularly lazy, be sure to purchase the following five songs guaranteed to get you moving. “Eye of the Tiger”“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor has long been one of the top songs guaranteed to get you moving. It’s inspirational and it has a great rhythm that will entice you to get moving and stay moving. Definitely turn it on whenever you’re feeling uninspired or you’re lacking motivation. “Roar”“Roar” by Katy Perry actually uses “eye of the tiger” in its lyrics, so it’s a more modern track that you can play if you’re hoping to get yourself moving. This song is inspiring, has a catchy dance beat and melody, and will have you singing along in no time.…
Maintaining a stable and happy mood can be difficult as you work on getting through your responsibilities on the job and at home. But as you move through your day, did you know that you can use music to improve your mood?   The truth is that there’s a link between music and mood, and understanding what this link is will help you make the right music choices when you’re at home, at work, and even in the car so you can always keep your mood up.   How Music Affects Your MindIn order to really comprehend the link between music and mood, you need to have an understanding of how music can affect the mind. It turns out that music may seem similar to language, but it’s actually rooted within the structures of the primitive brain. These structures are involved with emotion, reward, and motivation. So when you start…
Do we really need reasons to listen to more instrumental music? It’s pretty obvious that instrumental music has been food for the soul for a long time. It’s addictive once you start exploring good music, and take our word for it: there are thousands of instrumental tracks to choose from. You will realize there is no going back. If you start understanding what true instrumental music is and how it can affect your mind, body, and soul, then you will find no excuse to stop listening to more of it. So what, basically, is instrumental music?
Kirtan music is gaining popularity as more people are turning to it for its healing properties and the peace it imparts to body and mind. To help you understand how it can help you, this article will take a look at the various benefits of kirtan for your body and mind: Creates Emotional Balance People who are feeling down emotionally, irrespective of the reason, can benefit from listening to kirtan music. It helps creates emotional balance in individuals and imparts peace and tranquility in their mind.
Our brain is our body’s control panel. The cerebral cortex in the brain is its largest part, which is further divided into right and left hemispheres. The right hemisphere is the creative center while the left hemisphere is the analytical and mathematical center. Keeping communication flowing between the two is the corpus callosum, which is the part of the brain that connects the two hemispheres.
There are so many ways to look at the best pre-workout music, which has become a hot topic of conversation. You may think that you can listen to just anything when you are preparing for a workout, but your choice may actually help or hurt you. Yes, you tend to think a lot about what you will listen to during an actual workout.
Music is not only soothing to the mind but is also known to relieve stress in your mind and body. Music addresses anxiety and heals the mind of negative feelings. It is a well-known fact that a healthy mind is necessary for a healthy body, and music has its positive effects on both. No doubt music is hailed as an effective stress-management tool.
Music is a wonderful way to get you going, whether you are trying to complete a tedious chore, get through the day without feeling hungry when you’re on a diet, or get moving with more stamina when you’re doing your workout. It can be wonderful inspiration and can give us drive even when we’re feeling drained.