Music and Tea: How This Combination Can Lead to a Better Night's Sleep

There is good news for people having trouble with sleep: Listening to soothing music and consuming organic tea can lead to deeper sleep. Studies reveal that music can assist in reducing numerous factors known for getting in the way of sleep (along with stress and anxiety) and encourage physical changes that sustain a more peaceful sleep

, which helps in curing chronic sleep problems like insomnia.

Make your night-time a more calming experience and enjoy a combination of relaxing music and herbal tea to make the perfect blend of aids for supporting healthy sleep. The conventional practice of drinking herbal tea is based on blending small quantities of complementary herbs and not a large dose of any one particular compound. In case your sleeping difficulties are caused by a digestive disorder, mint tea would be the best choice for you. Numerous other herbs have a diverse set of attributes that may prove to be helpful for you, depending on your symptoms.

Preparing herbal tea is quite simple. When you have fresh herbs available for making tea, the benefit is doubled as you get a pleasing aroma to sooth your senses. The scent produced from herbs is helpful, as are the characteristics of the herbal tea when it is consumed appropriately. By all means, try to find the best and freshest herbs. However, in case you are only left with dried herbs, don’t worry. They are, in general, equally good for doing what is required to support a better night's sleep.

In addition to consumption of herbal tea, music-assisted relaxation has been tested to enhance the quality of sleep, according to a report published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing. Other studies investigating the effects of music on sleep patterns indicate that listening to relaxing and calming music before sleep not only makes you fall into deep sleep but also reduces the chance of waking up during the night due to nightmares. This greatly affects daytime functions, and according to a 2005 study from the journal, music can have a steady and positive effect on sleep, with benefits for sleep quality that increase with time.

When you are selecting music for triggering a better night's sleep, soft music with slow beats is the ultimate choice. Listening to soothing music is a safe way of falling asleep without having to resort to expensive and costly sleep-aiding drugs.

Both herbal/organic tea and music have been known to improve the quality of sleep and boost the effects of other sleep-aiding techniques. Sleep disorders are known to cause fatigue, anxiety, and also inflammation in severe cases. It is important to study the relationship between the use of organic tea and music to know what routine works best for your disorder. Either you can enjoy your tea while listening to music to prepare for a good night’s sleep or you can drink it before listening to soft melodies. It is always a good idea to consult your physician before you consume a particular blend or flavor of herbal tea for a better night's sleep, in order to avoid any complications later.