Music isn’t just a form of entertainment. It can also be an extremely helpful and powerful tool, particularly when it comes to losing weight.


How to Lose Weight Listening to Music

Music isn’t just a form of entertainment. It can also be an extremely helpful and powerful tool, particularly when it comes to enhancing a mood or being able to work your way through tedious, mundane, or truly unpleasant tasks.


There is a reason that music is played in public spaces, or that many workplaces have a radio on. Movies use music in the background in order to make certain that the viewer is experiencing the proper emotion from the scene that they are viewing. Even waiting on hold is just that much more frustrating when there is dead air instead of a few tunes that you may or may not like. Your commute would feel a great deal longer without your MP3 player or car radio to pass the time.


When it comes to weight loss, the same can be said. Dieting and exercising aren’t typically things that people enjoy when they are forced to do them. Sure, there are times when exercise can be fun or when eating healthy can be stimulating, but when you need to do them every single day, according to certain rules, no matter what else is happening in your life, then you can find that the battle is a little bit greater with each passing moment that you have to keep it up. This can cause a diet to fail.


Music can help you to avoid that struggle. Certainly, the right playlist won’t cause fat to miraculously disappear from your body. However, it can have a powerful impact on your motivation level and the drive that you have to keep up your efforts and reach your goal.


Research on music has found that music can have an astounding benefit on improving mood, memory, and physical ability. It can ease the symptoms of depression and can help to improve a child’s mental development. These are not effects that should be taken lightly. In fact, music therapy can even help patients who are ill to be able to recover more quickly (including babies in the NICU).


After seeing all of those positive impacts of music, then it shouldn’t come as any surprise that researchers have found that the right songs can also have the ability to directly impact an individual’s eating habits and ability to complete a full workout with drive and enthusiasm.


Calming music during dinner, for instance, will slow down the rate at which you are chewing. The slower you chew, the more you will enjoy your food and the less you will eat. When you are satisfied by less food then you are less inclined to overeat and it becomes simpler to stick to a calorie restricted diet.


At the same time, energetic music with a good beat to it can help you to keep up with your exercises and complete each workout without slowing down or dragging, maximizing your calorie burning.


This means that your music can have a direct impact on your ability to successfully lose weight.